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Doi Keijiro was the famous, traditional, blacksmith that created the Sakai Takayuki Blue #2 Steel Knife Series. 

He was born in 1927 to the famous knife sharpener Doi Kazuo and began his career as a blacksmith at the young age of 19. In 1987 Keijiro was denoted as a Traditional Craftsman by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry. In 1997 he was bestowed the honor of the Aoiro Toyosho. Keijiro retired from blacksmithing in 2012 and passed away in 2017.



Our Apologies:
We have received so many inquiries from customers around the world to purchase our Sakai knives. Sakai knives are in such high demand that almost our entire inventory has been cleared out.

Sakai knife production is also declining due to a shortage of high-quality steel in Sakai. Also, the aging population of the traditional craftsmen that forge and sharpen the knives are producing less. In particular, the production of stainless Wabocho knives are in decline.

We appreciate your patience while we procure the very best, handcrafted and certified Sakai knives for use in your kitchen.

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