Resharpening a double-stepped edge in Colorado from start to finish

As you may have already known, my name is Yosuke Suzuki and I am a Japanese born knife sharpener currently working in Denver, Colorado. I created my business Knives Edge Japan about 3 years ago when I immigrated here.


Why sharpening? Well, you can get all of the info on that in my previous blog post. But to summarize, I love knives and have self-taught myself how to sharpen based on my experience as a chef in Japan. I am still learning and would enjoy any comments or suggestions you may have. Please leave them below or email me

This knife is a Santoku double-stepped edge. A very common knife to use when cutting meat. It took me about 1.5 hours to sharpen this but I condensed it down to 30 minutes. If you like this video please also hit the subscribe button on my youtube channel and share it with friends!


コロラド、デンバーで研ぎ屋を営む者です。 包丁好きが日本を飛び出し独学で研ぎ屋を始めました。 まだまだ勉強中です。ご指導のほどよろしくお願いいたします。 料理人の研ぎに良くある2段刃付けされて肉厚になった旬の三徳包丁を手研ぎで手直ししました。作業時間1時間30分の全行程を約30分にまとめてできるだけ見やすくしたつもりです。ご意見、ご感想どしどしお待ちしております。 もしきにいってもらえたら高評価とチャンネル登録お願いいたします。


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